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Bio-Vet introduces QuadriCal Calcium Bolus

Bio-Vet introduces QuadriCal®, an oral bolus containing high levels of calcium for dairy cows. A minimum 54 grams of calcium in each 3-bolus application is derived from four calcium sources: chloride, sulfate, propionate and lactate. These calcium types provide rapid, intermediate and sustained availability to the cow after calving, when her need for supplemental calcium is greatest.

Research indicates that 50 percent or more of cows in the U.S. may suffer from subclinical hypocalcemia (milk fever) at calving. Providing a calcium supplement like QuadriCal® after calving may help cows experiencing hypocalcemia.

QuadriCal® boluses also contain niacin to aid liver function during negative energy balance, and vitamin D3, which is critical for calcium utilization in the body. QuadriCal® boluses are tapered and rounded on one end for smooth, safe and easy administration.

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