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Baking industry needs to better communicate GM enzyme benefits: DuPont

Source: William Reed Business Media SAS

Moving enzyme production largely into factories using genetically modification has resulted in better functioning enzymes, yet the bakery industry has been a poor communicator on both the ubiquity and benefits of GM enzymes, said one baking enzyme expert.

Troy Boutte, PhD, group manager, bakery, fats and oils innovations, DuPont Nutrition and Health, was speaking to attendees of Baking Tech 2014, hosted this week in Chicago by the America Society of Baking.

Since Emil Christian Hansen produced rennet for cheese-making in 1874—what Dr. Boutte called the first (purported) commercially available enzyme—the global bakery enzyme market has come a long way, topping $400 million in 2012 and projected to reach $600 million by 2018.

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