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Novozymes LpHera alpha-amylase enzyme solution

By Shaun Weston
28 Feb 2014

Novozymes has launched a new alpha-amylase enzyme solution – LpHera – that lowers pH during liquefaction.

The solution is designed to break down starch in a way that creates more dextrose when compared to conventional alpha-amylases. The result is higher yields and chemical, water and energy savings.

The combined benefits can enable a starch processor save up to a dollar per metric tonne of substrate.

"LpHera brings the liquefaction pH level as low as 4.5-4.8," said Thomas Nilsson, global launch manager for food at Novozymes. "This means you can reduce your use of pH chemicals in some instances by more than 50%. It also prolongs the ion exchange service cycle, which in turn enables more savings on chemicals, water and wastewater."