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Verenium Enters Agreement To Be Acquired By BASF

Source: Feedinfo News Service
Nov 07, 2013

BASF’s Head of Animal Nutrition, Dr. Alexandra Brand, who earlier 2013 stated that feed enzymes are at the top of the firm’s animal nutrition agenda, provided Feedinfo News Service with some background on the significance of the Verenium acquisition.

Now that the acquisition has been closed, BASF is developing a detailed integration plan for Verenium, which is expected to start in the first quarter of 2014.

Regarding the integration, Dr. Brand stressed that BASF intends to fully integrate Verenium into its structures quickly and efficiently. Moreover, the company is looking forward to working closely with Verenium’s 130 employees during this process in order to form, what she describes as ‘the best team in the industry’.

“BASF has a successful integration track record and will use this experience for the integration of Verenium”, commented Dr. Brand.

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